Streamlining Development with UI Web Components and Mobile Crypto SDK

With Cybrid, we lower your cost and time to market by streamlining development with UI Web Components and Mobile Crypto SDKs to jump-start your development

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is rapidly evolving, and companies are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. With the increasing demand for new and innovative products, companies are facing challenges in building and deploying these products quickly and cost-effectively. This is where Cybrid comes in with its UI web components and mobile SDK.


cybrid ui sdkCybrid is a crypto service infrastructure provider, that offers companies a different approach to building crypto-based products. Unlike other providers who only offer APIs to build with, Cybrid provides a combination of UI web components and mobile SDK, which enables companies to get their products to market in shorter time and with lower costs. This is because the UI components and mobile SDK are available in our public Github repository to copy and use as needed to bootstrap development, which reduces the amount of time and effort needed to build the product from scratch.

Another advantage of Cybrid's technology is that its API technology and documentation is considered some of the best in finance, not just in crypto. This means that companies can rely on Cybrid to not only easily build their crypto-based products, but also other developer friendly tooling to perform testing wit, like the interactive Swagger docs in tandem with credentials from the Sandbox environment. With this level of technology and expertise, companies can feel confident in the quality and reliability of the products they build with Cybrid's infrastructure.


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Finally, Cybrid's simple and affordable monthly pricing model allows SMEs of all sizes to utilize its infrastructure to build modern, next-generation products; lowering the barrier to entry for companies of all sizes. This is a significant advantage for SMEs who may not have the resources or expertise to build their own infrastructure. With Cybrid, SMEs can access the latest technology and expertise in the field, which will help them stay ahead of the curve and compete with larger companies.

In conclusion, Cybrid's UI web components and mobile SDK provides companies with a streamlined approach to building crypto-based products. With the combination of pre-built and pre-integrated components, best-in-class API technology, and affordable monthly pricing, companies of all sizes can quickly and cost-effectively build modern, next-generation products. This makes Cybrid a valuable differentiator among embedded crypto infrastructure providers, and a must-consider for companies looking to build cutting-edge crypto-based products.


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