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Part 5: Creating potential revenue streams

Launching a crypto product can not only entice new customers, and engage existing ones, but it can also drive a solid revenue expectations.

The Cost to Get Going

As you can see, releasing a crypto-based product can become complicated and costly very quickly. There are many technical partnerships needed, and significant monthly minimums that will add up.

When you consider the engineering team, legal costs, and vendor expenses, you need to plan for a total initial spend of between $2M and $3M USD, and an ongoing monthly operational cost between $100k and $150k.

In addition to these costs, expect at least 6-9 months of building to get an initial product ready, and 9-12 months to ensure the legal, regulatory and compliance requirements have all been met.

Due to the cost, this is a high barrier of entry, especially if you aren’t certain that crypto will make a significant impact in your business.

Create the Stream

Launching a crypto product can not only entice new customers, and engage existing ones, but it can also drive a solid revenue stream. We like to call this Crypto Led Growth.

Generating revenue is usually completed with a spread or transaction fee on cryptocurrency trades. Spreads vary, but you can use 1% as a reference point to calculate potential revenue amount. For example, if you have 10,000 users, on average trading $250 per month, you could expect to generate $25,000 in revenue monthly with a 1% spread. Alternatively you could use a fixed transaction fee, however this model isn’t used very often in the crypto space.

ROI with Cybrid

If you don’t want to spend several million dollars, and upwards of a year building a crypto solution, there’s another option.

Cybrid provides a turnkey platform for fintechs and neo banks to easily embed crypto and wallet functionality within their applications. Our platform handles the technical complexity of crypto integrations, while covering all regulatory and compliance aspects of rolling out a solution.

Your development teams can choose exactly how they want to integrate, leveraging either our robust cloud API’s or accelerating faster with our themable SDK and UI components. Our platform is so easy to build with, you can be up and running in a matter of weeks with a crypto solution.

The Cybrid solution is priced liked a typical SaaS platform, with a nominal annual platform fee, and a variably monthly active user fee. Cybrid never takes part of your spread, as we believe that you should benefit most from the active cryptocurrency users on your platform.

Cybrid provides solutions for a wide variety of use cases within a simple pricing structure. Easily forecast and budget accordingly without sacrificing attention on what matters, which is growing your business!

Learn more about Cybrid’s platform and how we can help you quick launch a crypto-based product, or book a demo with our sales team.

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