SBT - Soul Bound Token

The token that is forever yours.

Like a DeBeers Diamond: Forever Yours

Soul Bound Tokens, also sometimes referred to as Account Bound Tokens, could be described as the process of tattooing your digital wallet, just currently without the ability to laser remove it. Now what you tattoo to the wallet is the real question!

A Vitalik Buterin co-written research paper was released titled "Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul". While it's definitely not a short read, the discussion of Soul Bound NFTs is a hot new topic that will certainly be impactful to future development.

The paper is following the theme of a post he made back in January 2022. Soul Bound tokens are a special form of NFT that are designed to be 'bound' to a single wallet, instead of being easily sold or traded like traditional NFT's.

There are a ton of applicable purposes for Soul Bound NFT's, such as identifying what people have historically done, providing access to services, and even determining future credit.

The technology and implementations are still very early, but we expect some interesting developments in the space. On a more technical level, the Soul Bound Token, or an Account Bound Token, is the implementation of EIP-4973. 

Here are a few examples of how a Soul Bound Token could be used in a real world application:

  • An Educational Institution providing a graduate their degree directly to their personal wallet address, which would then be used as verified educational experience by providing a wallet address to an employer, like a digital ledger resume.
  • An Employer or Organization could issue a token of appreciation or proof of experience to a user's wallet, again to be used as a growing digital ledger resume
  • The core of how a service, like LinkedIn, operates could be impacted (e.g. Kleoverse)



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