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Rise of the KYC API

With Embedded Finance gaining prominence, so is the importance of KYC API services. Learn how these new API services make Identity simple and easy.

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Embedded Finance Trends: Global Payments

Explore digital payments, the increasing use of real-time payments & the rise of open banking APIs. Global payment is one of the embedded finance...


What are Soul Bound Tokens?

Soul Bound Tokens are the token that are forever yours. Once deposited to an address, they are irrevocable and could be viewed as a wallet tattoo.

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Part 5: Creating potential revenue streams

Launching a crypto product can not only entice new customers, and engage existing ones, but it can also drive a solid revenue expectations.

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Part 3: Regulation & Compliance

Cryptocurrencies squarely land in the space of finance, and as such there is a growing body of regulations and compliance being introduced.

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Part 1: Welcome to Next Generation Finance

The digital currency ecosystem is a new frontier, grown from a strong desire to provide next generation finance products to consumers.

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What are Stablecoins & CBDCs?

Learn about Stablecoins, which are being utilized by many DeFi applications as a method of stable value, and their cousin CBDCs.

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What is a Crypto Exchange?

A crypto exchange exists to convert one currency for another, and are often used as onramps into, or offramps out of, crypto.

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What is a crypto wallet as a service?

Blockchains have quickly evolved digital wallet technology, which has resulted in the crypto wallet as a service. The solution to safe infrastructure.

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What is tokenization?

Learn all about tokenization, which is the smart contract technology powering Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and has a wide range of use cases!

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What is a crypto transaction?

The core activity of blockchain technology is the efficient processing of crypto transactions, which is a signed-approved request to change...

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What are Blockchain Layers?

Did you know that blockchains can have layers? Most conventional blockchain layers would be divided into 0, 1 and 2 categories.

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What is a Blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies, and their underlying blockchain, compose a fairly complex set of technologies. It’s worthwhile to have a high-level understanding!

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Crypto-Led Growth

Learn how crypto-led growth is an easy way to discover, engage, and grow customers through the right crypto products.

Fintech & Banking

Driving the New DeFi Economy

Cybrid is here to help simplify the journey to crypto, for financial organizations.

Fintech & Banking

Embedding Crypto as a Service

The latest entrant to the Embedded Finance space is Crypto, or Crypto as a Service. Learn how easy it is to get started building with crypto using...

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