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Acronyms & Concepts

What are Soul Bound Tokens / SBT Tokens?

An sbt tokens are the token that are forever yours. Once deposited to an address, they are irrevocable and could be viewed as a wallet tattoo.

Acronyms & Concepts

What is a stablecoin & CBDC?

Learn what is a stablecoin, which ones are being utilized by many DeFi applications as a method of stable value, and their cousin CBDCs.

Acronyms & Concepts

What is a Crypto Exchange?

A crypto exchange exists to convert one currency for another, and are often used as onramps into, or offramps out of, crypto.

Acronyms & Concepts

What is a crypto wallet as a service?

Blockchains have quickly evolved digital wallet technology, which has resulted in the crypto wallet as a service. The solution to safe infrastructure.

Acronyms & Concepts

What is tokenization?

Learn all about tokenization, which is the smart contract technology powering Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and has a wide range of use cases!

Acronyms & Concepts

What is a crypto transaction?

The core activity of blockchain technology is the efficient processing of crypto transactions, which is a signed-approved request to change...

Acronyms & Concepts

What are Blockchain Layers?

Did you know that blockchains can have layers? Most conventional blockchain layers would be divided into 0, 1 and 2 categories.

Acronyms & Concepts

What is a Blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies, and their underlying blockchain, compose a fairly complex set of technologies. It’s worthwhile to have a high-level understanding!

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